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Inform and educate readers to a greater understanding of evangelicalism and it's present needs One of our pressing needs today is having a greater grasp on the fundamentals of the faith. So, we recommend the article, 'The Sufficiency of Christ' by Dr. S. M. Baugh, PhD. of Westminster Seminary California, first published in Evangelium, Volume 2, Issue 2.

Dr. Baugh begins his article with a rhetorical question regarding whether or not faith alone in Christ alone is sufficient for salvation when he states, "Is faith in Jesus Christ all that I need to be justified?"

Taking the question for granted, the simple response from most of us would be 'yes!' as we turn the page looking for something else to read.

However, the rest of Dr. Baugh's article answers that question. And there is good reason why the question was presented in the first place as he continues, "Today we face a variety of teachings which directly or indirectly erode Paul's gospel by telling us that faith in Christ is just not quite enough. We must add some little pinch of our own: a little holiness, a good work here or there - some little extra to ensure our place in heaven."

For more on this article and others, please go to Westminster Writings and learn to rest in the Sufficiency of Christ.