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West Coast Evangelical Alliance believes with certainty that Scripture alone is the very Word of God. God, by way of revelation, inspired both the Old and New Testaments which are inerrant and infallible and serve alone as the source of truth, where the life and faith of the church corporately and Christians individually can rest assured.

Scripture alone is the very Word of God We believe with certainty that the doctrines of grace recovered by the reformation and the confessions that come from that era are greatly needed today.

The "solas" of the reformation summarize the teaching of the bible, as they underscore the vital necessity of biblical truth, correctly guiding us to examine more fully the nature and character of God in the Scriptures.

For every Christian, the bible is the "text book" from which our understanding of God and our grounding in all things spiritual is derived. All other writings are secondary to God's Word however, our doctrinal position is elaborated and strengthened by the following: