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The West Coast Evangelical Alliance home page along with a welcome message and general information.

About Us

Our Commitment
We believe with certainty that the doctrines of grace recovered by the reformation and the confessions that come from that era are greatly needed in the church today.

Our Vision
Our desire is to see the doctrines of grace established from Canada down throughout the West Coast.

Our Board
The group of men developing and directing the West Coast Evangelical Alliance.


The Council is made up of likeminded men who are committed to the doctrines of grace and believe that the confessions of the Reformation era are greatly needed today.

Support Members
The persons involved as Support Members will play a major role in helping to bring conferences together and other events West Coast Evangelical Alliance will develop.


Our desire is to put on conferences where renowned Christian leaders, having the same vision and biblical understanding as WCEA, will preach the Word of God with concern, clarity and conviction.

Conference Location
Location map and driving directions to the Transforming the Mind: Reviving the Heart Conference in Walnut Creek.

Local Accommodations
The available accommodations in the local area near the Transforming the Mind: Reviving the Heart Conference in Walnut Creek.

Past Conferences
Previous conferences from the West Coast Evangelical Alliance.


Video taped interviews with Church leaders, pastors and past and future conference speakers.


Articles of past and future West Coast Evangelical Alliance conference speakers.

Book reports on the writings of past and present authors who will build up the body of Christ.

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Contact Us

Contact Us
Contacting the West Coast Evangelical Alliance.