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I believe we are obsessed with innovation in our postmodern age, which has caused a fragmentation in the Church, creating aimlessness in worship in general and weakness in expository preaching in particular. One writer, P.T. Forsyth warned the Church at the start of the twentieth century when he said, "There are few dangers threatening the religious future more serious than the slow shallowing of the religious mind..."

This warning and many other similar admonitions, serve to remind us that all is not well in the Church. It is the vision of West Coast Evangelical Alliance to arrest this trend and help to strengthen the biblical and theological foundations upon which the Church will grow deeper in her walk with Christ and to recover her true purpose of worship.

Placing God At The Center Of Life

Almost five years ago several of us gathered together and developed a ministry called Reformed Conference Ministries. Our vision of placing God at the center of life, worship and ministry has not changed but our name changed this year, along with a broader vision. Our desire is to see the doctrines of grace established from Canada down throughout the West Coast.

General conferences open to everyone and particular conferences for pastors and their staff will take up much of our planning. We will also be sending out a newsletter informing you as to what is coming up and what is happening in the church. We will also provide a WCEA Blog, edited by one of our board members, Joe Williams, where people can interact with one another and ask questions.

We Want To Be A Resource

We want to be a resource helping pastors and their churches, where we can link you to the latest articles from our present and future speakers and other websites that will benefit you in your Christian walk. Finally, the following brief statement of purpose sums up our sense of direction and calling:

In recognition of the fact there are too few resources that exist in the Western United States to teach and uphold classic reformed theology; West Coast Evangelical Alliance was formed:

  • To awaken a fresh interest about the distinctives of the doctrines of grace and the solas of the reformation, in believers from all denominations.
  • To champion the cause of preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ by encouraging believers and supporting the ministers of Christ.
  • To build up the church of Jesus Christ through expository preaching and teaching of sound biblical doctrine in the tradition of the reformation, that believers from all walks of life might be strengthened and established upon a firm foundation.